Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is definitely one of NY finest places where you only meet & see nothing but the highest class of GAWC.

For the few months that I have been here - the procedure has not changed..
Talk to the big black dude at the exit door.. He asks for fifty a person, stand by the hydrant, look for his sign, shake his hand and you are in through the exit door.. bam.. A big FO to all the *o's standing in the line showing legs, feeling sexy but too proud to talk to any guys in the line in sub-zero temperature.

This place is classy from the first step in..
68.9% blondes .. mostly big girl groups - which helps in maintaining a ratio respectable to an institution commanding a $50 back door cover charge.

Oh - gotta mention the Titanic Douche - while you are waiting.. there will a 40 year old bald dude who will step out of a Yukon with a hottest girl that you have laid your eyes on..
He will walk like a Roman emperor and the bouncers will make way for his entourage in a way what must have been Alexander the Great's army..

Once inside the competition is mostly un-proportionate white dudes who will wear one size too small a shirt..

A sprinkle of black dudes who are dressed in A&F - trying to get any white action they can.
One of the funniest moment today was a black dude who was trying so hard to get his white date drunk.. - it was funny how while he was done with his bar order - he would refuse to let go of his real estate around the bar so that the others can order while at the same time stiff his arms such that nobody else could get to the bar without being hurt..

While I swear I smelt some people smoking the 'good stuff' in the corners.. - some other underprivileged were asked to turn off their smokes .. guess you have to be discrete...

Anyways.. - ill try and add more comments later..
For now..

Place: Marquee
Area code rating: 7.5-7.5-1
GAWC rating: 8

Introduction and Thoughts!

Welcome to the first posting of GAWC.

I have been thinking of starting this for a while - but the turn of events finally pushed me to commence today..

First off - this blog will mostly be written under influence and I'll try an update this as often/soon as I can.

Basically, I am a newbie in the great city of New York and know almost nobody..
This leads me to partying by 'meself' & fortunately my job pays enough for a great apartment and drinking expenses..

I consider myself a one woman (or one stripper for the whole night) kind of guy .. -)
Well actually I have only been in relationships and never really done the bar/club scence as a single person. So being in the 'sex in the city' place & single at the moment thought I'll drop in the nuances and eventually make the blog popular enough to reach the 'first girl who broke my heart' and tell her about her contribution towards the GAWC.

So now:

What to expect: I'll try and drop in my notes from my visits and adventures from various NY bars/clubs/lounges with the area code rating (face-figure-tappable) for the place overall.

Who is this for: Anybody who believes in and is a supported of the GAWC.

Whatever else: (whatever.. i am already high on Ketel One .. more later on this.. )